Connecting You With Veterans

How to Stay Connected

Knowing employers, like you, who have good jobs is critical to our success and the outcomes of our Veteran clients.  The better we know you, the better we can make good referrals into your job openings. 

That is why we brought Kaluunda on board as our Employer Relationship Manager.  He is charged with keeping in touch with you and inviting you to share your hiring needs. 

How to be one of our favorite employers? 

  • Register with us as a Network Employer, and Kaluunda will reach out to you regularly, keep your profile up to date and invite you to regularly share your employment opportunities.  
  • Use our Veteran Job Board – A great tool to easily share your needs with our job seekers. 
  • Go the extra mile and join us in the community on our Quarterly Pathway to Employment events where we ask HR reps to meet one-on-one with Veterans to work on job search skills. 
  • Sponsor us in one of our fundraising events or point us toward a company grant opportunity