What is PHV all about?

Our mission and duty is to provide one-on-one support to U.S. military veterans and current service members in search of education, training & employment opportunities.

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About Our Mission

From Service to Success

Those in the military today are some of the finest men and women who have ever served our country. They represent less than 1% of the population of America. They deserve quality education and employment once they transition out of the military or if they are working and presently serving as part of the National Guard and Reserves.

Veterans have a higher unemployment rate than civilians, and to us that is simply not acceptable. We understand the struggles faced after returning home. It is not always easy to adjust to a new life style as a civilian. As a result, we plan to help as many veterans as possible to find a career that fits their interests and their needs. One that leads them to having a successful future.

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About Our Services

Boots On The Ground

We serve all veterans and active service members, including the National Guard and Reserves. Our service area is 12 counties, but we do not limit ourselves. In fact, Pennsylvania has the nation's 4th largest veterans population and Allegheny County has the state's largest; nearly 100,000. We will serve any veteran whenever possible and have since assisted those outside the region.  In addition, we assist members transitioning out of the military and veterans who attend Semper Fi Odyssey.

We provide vocational rehabilitation; help prepare you for employment; and can help you with training and education goals. See our services page for more details.

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Pittsburgh Hires Veterans is lead by Jack Wagner, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He is a recipient of the Purple Heart and other military commendations for service in the Vietnam War.

Jack went on to attend Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) utilizing the GI Bill.
There he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Safety Management.

Since, he has served as President of Pittsburgh City Council, State Senator and Auditor General of Pennsylvania.

For 30 years he has sponsored a golf fundraiser called Sharing and Caring for
the purpose of raising funds to help hospitalized and disabled veterans.

Jack has received many awards for helping veterans including:

  • Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Gold Medal Award

  • The Pennsylvania American Legion Housing for Homeless Veterans Award

  • Pennsylvania War Veteran Council “Outstanding Service Award.”

Read more about Jack Wagner on his LinkedIn page.

James G. Rossi M.ED CRC LPC

Voc Rehab Counselor

Mr. Rossi attended the University of Pittsburgh and obtained a Masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors provide guidance, insight and resources to improve employment outcomes. He was a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor since 1997.  Later he became a Licensed Professional Counselor in 2002, providing vocational counseling, consulting and research services to individuals, rehabilitation providers, medical professionals and businesses.

James began providing employment services to service members and veterans in 2008. "They encounter a whole different set of barriers resulting in higher unemployment and underemployment". Focusing on each person and providing individualized vocational direction, guidance, and counseling breaks down some of those barriers to establish relationships integral to career development.

Mr. Rossi served two terms as a Director of the Pennsylvania Association of Rehabilitation Professionals. Prior to one term as president. He continues to be a regular presenter at Rehabilitation Counseling Seminars.


Veterans can use our resource center to look for jobs, fill out applications, create resumes and more.

PHV Office - Additional Organization Resources
PHV Office and Resource Center
PHV Office - Computers for veterans to use

The inspiration for a model jobs program in Pittsburgh was a call to action from Mr. John Rangos Sr.. He is a passionate patriot, who advocates for the betterment of veterans returning home after war. Mr. Rangos is the Founding Father and “Chairman Emeritus” of the Congressional Medal of Honor (CMOH) Foundation. Mr. Rangos Sr. is a major funder of Pittsburgh Hires Veterans. Without his vision, commitment, and guidance, PHV would not be in existence today.

Today we are the sole program of Acheve Success. Pittsburgh Hires Veterans is a 501 (c)3 organization. 

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