Armed Security Officer – Will Pay For ACT 235 Certification

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Armed Security Officer – Will Pay For ACT 235 Certification

Bering Global Solutions
September 11, 2023
October 11, 2023
South Park PA
Job Type
Wage Range
  • $22 - 25 Per Hour
Criminal Background Consideration
Only Clean Record Considered
Driver’s License Required
Public Trans Available


-SGOs conducting tours are required to register their locations on all rounds by "swiping" their government-issued cardkey/ID badge at designated cardkey readers or by "swiping" at Patrol
Scan/guard tour stations (Trackforce). The length or interval of each guard tour and the number of locations will vary according to the shift being worked, the zone or zones being covered, and the facility location as identified in the Guard Post Orders. Guards shall make routine checks of offices, laboratories, corridors, parking lots, storage sites, and other such locations, as appropriate for each round and tour. Authorize deviations from the established schedules whenever unusual conditions or circumstances occur. In such cases the reasoning for the deviation shall be noted on the guard’s tour report.

-Perform all designated guard functions including testing, monitoring, and responding to building fire alarm and electronic security systems, closed circuit television, participation in fire evacuation, access and egress services and other emergency evacuation plans.

-Perform all necessary services to ensure the safety and protection of the building personnel and property against injury, molestation, loss, or damage from preventable causes, including, but not limited to, fire, trespass, civil disturbance, theft, espionage, acts of terrorism and sabotage.

-Perform all necessary services to protect Government property, materials, equipment, supplies, records, and data against loss, damage, unauthorized access, or unauthorized removal.

-Report hazardous conditions and items in need of repair or attention, such as leaky faucets, pipes, toilet stoppage, burned-out lights, broken floor tiles, elevator malfunctions, inoperative doors or locks, freezer alarms, cardkey malfunctions, fence washouts, etc.

-Maintain daily reports and log entries for visitors (either written or on electronic media furnished by the Government) of activities that occur at the facilities during each 24-hour period.

-Facility assessment reports contain but are not limited to information concerning safety issues, general, unusual or adverse security situations, and workload/manpower/post statistics for each one-month period. A single report shall be provided with separate data for each facility having guard coverage.

-Prepare additional reports using Government provided or approved forms or electronic media as required and identified in the Guard Post Orders for all incidents such as thefts, auto accidents, parking citation issuance statistics (names dates, locations, violations) etc.

-Provide and maintain a high state of security in and around the buildings, and as necessary, provide a response capability and assist in emergency management situations, acts of terrorism, bomb threats, internal disorder, civilian employee demonstrations, or other criminal acts which adversely affect the security and/or safety of the Government, employee property, and the public lawfully in the building or on the grounds.

-Notify the Visitor Control Center and when directed, the police and fire departments in the event of an emergency or an unusual occurrence adversely affecting the interest of the Government.

-Turn off unnecessary lights; close windows; open, close, and secure doors; and check safes vaults, cabinets, and security doors, if possible. Annotate and make notifications of discrepancies found.

-Observe and enforce building regulations and "General Services Administration Rules and Regulations Governing Public Buildings and Grounds" as appropriate. Also, review and be familiar with the Code of Federal Regulations 41 CFR 101-20 titled Management and Buildings and Grounds.

-Check machinery/equipment malfunctioning when alarms, unusual noises, and odors occur (if applicable). Also, report any evidence of potential fire hazards to the Visitor Control post or an authorized representative.

-Comply with established procedures, as outlined in Post Orders, pertaining to lost and found articles. Record the recovery of found property and attempt to identify and return property to their proper owner. After 24 hours, unclaimed found property shall be turned in to the Visitor Control Center.

-Supervisors and guards shall be familiar with all areas of the buildings and surrounding grounds to insure a quick response to routine and emergency calls. (Due to the potential of response situations on CDC property, government-provided HAZWOPER awareness training is required).

-Participate in quarterly exercises at designated site location. The exercise shall test the responsiveness of the guard force and knowledge of their responsibilities in a variety of emergency situations. Exercises shall be documented and an after- action review conducted.

-Be familiar with operation of elevators for transport of building occupants as required in cases of emergency and with the operation of emergency evacuation chairs.

-Issue permanent and/or temporary identification (ID) cards/badges and perform all functions necessary to furnish the completed photo identification to authorized CDC-NIOSH employees, contractors, service personnel, and visitors.

-Provide specific ancillary services needed by programs at leased properties such as those mentioned above that have been coordinated with the COR and the Program Manager.

-Conduct visitor center operations that include issuing badges; maintaining visitor records; and operating x-ray machines and metal detectors.

-Assist with traffic operations on the properties to control traffic flow.

-Conduct rover foot patrols, both interior and exterior, as well as motorized patrol responding to fire, intrusion, and other alarms; answering service calls and documenting all reports of crimes, security violations, or incidents; providing emergency first aid and escorts; assisting with emergency evacuations; manning vehicle check points and conducting inspections.

-Perform enhanced access control procedures for CDC laboratories and special exclusion areas.

Key Requirements

For ACT 235 Sponsorship must pass:
-eye exam
-psych exam
-fitness test 25th percentile (
-Firearms Qual
-State and Federal Background Check
-ACT 235 Course
- be 21 years old
-read full job description on our website for list of minimum qualifications and disqualifiers


Hiring Bonus -
Full Time New Hire:
$1,000 after 90 days of employment and 1,500 on their one-year anniversary

Part Time New Hire:
$500 after 90 days of employment and $750 on their one-year anniversary

Pay $21.90/HR + $4.50/HR Health and Welfare

2 Weeks PTO On 1 Year Anniversary

Sick Time Accrue 1 Hour every 30 hours worked

Health Care/Dental/Vision

Union Bidded Shifts

3% Raise Every February

Full-time Available

Select application method

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